Rankin School Dedicates Wind Turbine

Rankin School Dedicates Wind Turbine

Rankin School Dedicates Wind Turbine To School District.
PEORIA - The Peoria area labor management council hosted its annual Labor Day salute breakfast this morning.

Attendees at the Peoria Civic Center were on hand to learn how focus forward Central Illinois is seeking to provide economic development for multiple counties throughout the area.

Other items discussed include keeping younger people in the Central Illinois region.

Another goal, is to seek out individuals are trained in specific job fields.

James Baumgartner of Focus Forward CI says, “For example the healthcare industry, which is the biggest employer in the five county region really needs to attract more trained people from the very lowest level in a hospital all the way to neo-natal surgeon. 

And the workforce development group will be focused on making sure there's a good match between the training of prospective employees to the needs of the employers."

Many of the groups in attendance all have individual plans that are geared toward contributing to the entire region.

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