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Rankin School District Unveils New Turbine

Rankin School District Unveils New Turbine
PEKIN - A Central Illinois school district is becoming more energy efficient and by using renewable energy.

Today a celebration and dedication took place as Rankin School District 98 in Pekin unveiled its small-scale wind turbine.

The machine was installed over the summer.

The turbine powers 3 classrooms with energy efficient lighting.

While the turbine only provides a small portion of power to the school district, educators say the device is a great learning tool for students.

Steven K. Johnson, Superintendent of Rankin School District 98 says, “the energy would allow us to light 27 100 watt light bulbs at one time.  We're going to be saving a little bit on energy, but it's not going to be substantial at this time.  We're mainly going to be using this as an educational tool."

The turbine was paid for by a $40,000 dollar grant by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.
Rankin School District only shelled out $4,000.
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