Residents Finally Get Inside Georgetown Common

Residents Finally Get Inside Georgetown Common

"I just want to get my stuff today and move forward."
WASHINGTON - Many homeowners have had at least a few hours to go through their tornado ravaged neighborhoods, but most Georgetown Common Apartment residents saw the wreckage for the first time Friday.

"All I’m grateful for is that I have my wife right here and that we weren't in there,' said Brandon Rupp as he stood in line with dozens of other apartment residents.

Rupp stood in line with dozens of others, waiting to get into their Georgetown Common Apartments.

"We want to find as basically, as much as we can. I mean obviously I don't think the electronic stuff would work, but everything in there can be replaced," he said.

Firemen have to accompany people into each building. The damage is so extensive that not all the apartments are safe to stand in; in some cases entire floors are gone. Caitlin Knight said she just hopes to find some clothes and photographs.

"I just want to get my stuff today and move forward," she said.

Out of the 208 apartments here about 170 were occupied. There are reminders everywhere that the battle zone was once a place full of life. Knight said tension is growing among residents, and spirits were as low as the outside temperatures.

"Everybody seems angry and they were angry the other day but I just think we're lucky that we're all alive," she said.

People loaded up boxes and carts with salvaged items, wheeling stuff out to cars to drive away.

"It’s sad I didn't, you know, I told everybody it might have just been a little home but it was still a home to me and it's sad that it's gone now," Knight said.

Not all residents had renters insurance so a fundraiser has been planned to help out those people.

There will be a silent auction, raffle and bake sale on Tuesday, November 26th from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The event will take place at the Country Inn and Suites, located at 5309 W. Landens Way in Peoria.
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