Richardson Prepares for Europe, Eyes Peoria Future

Richardson Prepares for Europe, Eyes Peoria Future

DJ Ricahrdson is likely headed for Europe but thinking about his home town

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill. - Initally, DJ Richardson was just going to watch some players at a basketball camp last week in Peoria.
Then the competive side of him came out.

"I wasn't suposed to get sweaty. Seeing those guys, giving back to the community," said Richardson. "It's great. I'm a playful guy. I have the mindset of a kid. I wish I could go back to that age."

He's no longer the age of the teenage players he saw at camp. Instead, the 22-year-old Richardson is now a graduate of the University of Illinois and mulling over opportunites to play pro basketball in Europe this season.

"It was a fast four years. For the opportunity to go overseas, it should be fun and a good experience," said the former Illini guard. "Can't wait to get over there to see what it's like."

Now that he's out of college, Richardson says he thinks a little differently. Lately, he's been thinking about the day when he can have his name on a basketball camp in his home town.

"A guy like me coming back, playing 1-on-1 with the guys and talking to them." said Richardson, who was a star at Peoria High School. "It's going to help the community and help basketball players in Peoria get better. Make them want to do the same thing I did."

Earning his college degree this summer, after playing four years of Big Ten basketball. Clearly there are a lot of young players who want to do the same things as DJ Richardson.

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