River City Leaders, Business Owners Talk Education

River City Leaders, Business Owners Talk Education

The Chamber of Commerce, Mayor, School Board President and Superintendent led a discussion with community members Wednesday morning.
PEORIA – Several River City leaders and business owners are joining together for a conversation about education.

The Chamber of Commerce, Mayor and District 150 school board president and superintendent were on hand for an open discussion with community members and business owners.

The Q and A session addressed major issues, including what to do with the Peoria Stadium and a one percent sales tax increase that will be up for a vote in 2014.

Mary Ardapple, the interim director for the Chamber of Commerce said, “Sales tax is obviously a very large topic so we need to vet both sides of that dialogue and we need to present information to our members and then, collectively we will make a decision.”

Superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan said, “I think you heard me share today with our business leaders, go out and visit our schools. Take a visit, whether you have a child in our schools or not as a community member, if we're trying to attract people to move into our community we want to provide those options and we want great facilities.”

School Board President Rick Cloyd said no decisions will be made about the Peoria Stadium until the 2014 vote.

That sales tax referendum will determine if the district receives money to upgrade its facilities.

District 150 also talked about its need for specialized teachers.

Spokesperson Chris Coplan said, "We have some very specific needs and this is the perfect environment to share those because a lot of them are trades needs we need people who have worked in the industry to come teach our career and technical students."

The district also needs two foreign language teachers and a physics teacher at its high schools.
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