Riverfront Museum Welcomes Fragile Exhibit

Riverfront Museum Welcomes Fragile Exhibit

PEORIA - The Riverfront Museum welcomes a new exhibit that requires more cautious care than most.
PEORIA - The Peoria Riverfront Museum welcomes a new exhibit, and it’s a bit more fragile than most.

A crew carefully loaded in the Chihuly and Friends glass exhibit on Thursday.

It’s a collection of glass artwork by three different artists.

The biggest piece in the exhibit is a collaboration called “Laguna Murano Chandelier.”

That piece alone has more than 900 pieces of glass, and took 78 hours to install.

The exhibit requires such delicate care, a crew travels with the pieces to unload and set them up.

Exhibit installer Dennis Palin says, “I’ve been handling Dale’s glass for over 20 years now, so it’s not as nerve-wracking for me than it would be for someone else. But every time you hear glass settling, you’re going, ‘oh, what’s going on?’ Glass tends to break when it gets hit to hard so you have to be careful all the time. So you’re always on your toes and being alert and paying attention.”

Chihuly and Friends will be at the Riverfront Museum until April.

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