RLI Completes $20-million Renovation

RLI Completes $20-million Renovation

Offices to fit the modern employee
PEORIA - A Peoria business is revamping its look to fit the needs of today's workforce.

RLI is a specialty insurance company founded in Peoria. The company has spent the last 18 months on a $20-million renovation of its main office. That includes open meeting spaces and even a gym for employees to use on their lunch breaks.

RLI’s Chairman and CEO Jonathan Michael said it's not just an investment in their community, but in the city, too.

"Our back office is here, our claims are here, all of our processing is done here in Peoria.  And this is a big part of our company and we'll stay here," Michael said.

The new offices also come with desks that move to compensate a sitting or standing work stance. Just one more feature making their offices a more comfortable place to be productive.
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