Runners Light up the Night at Neon Vibe 5K

Runners Light up the Night at Neon Vibe 5K

PEORIA- Neon Vibe takes a new twist on 5K's, adding black lights, glow in the dark powder, and dance music.
PEORIA - Runners were lighting up the night at Expo Gardens Saturday evening.

They were taking part of the Neon Vibe 5K.

Over 3,500 runners ran the three mile course.

Throughout the run they would get hit with glow in the dark powder at certain black light zones.

Organizers say that they see so many people at these races across the country because it provides a unique twist to a normal 5K.

Race Director Breanne Carter said, "We definitely take it to another level by incorporating the black lights, the night-time event, and the after-vibe party, where we throw things in to the crowd. We have people dancing on stage. It's just awesome."

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