Runners Tackle 13.1 Miles, Show Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

Runners Tackle 13.1 Miles, Show Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

The first-ever Promise Run and Relay had runners hitting the pavement Sunday morning.
PEORIA – More than 100 runners hit the pavement Sunday morning for the first-ever Promise Run and Relay in Peoria. Many of these athletes didn’t just run for their health, but for their unique connection to the cause.

On a quiet Sunday morning in Downtown Peoria, what you heard is the sound of shoes hitting the streets and what you saw was a wave of people wearing pink.

Hundreds of runners took part in the inaugural Promise Run and Relay, and most of them ran for more than just themselves.

Participant Felicia Shaw said, “This is a great way to build awareness and it's really close to my heart.”

Shaw is tackling 13.1 miles on her birthday and with her best friend. The pair is running in honor of a friend who battled breast cancer, and won. Shaw added, “We've supported each other, she's my inspiration, so I'm going to wear her on my back and I'm going to run this race.”

It’s a similar story for participant Michael Mann. He said, “It's just always been a cause that I’ve been attached to.”

The spirited runner, who was complete with a pink hair and beard, traveled from Quincy, Ill. To run for a friend who’s undergoing chemotherapy. Mann said, “I hate running, but I love the races and I love these races because there is an extra special little thing to it, because you have so many people running for a reason.”

He said it is reason bigger than personal bests and more meaningful than your average fun run. Officials said the Promise Run and Relay is another opportunity to join together, spread a message, and ultimately, raise money to get rid of a cancer that hits too close to home, for too many people.

All of the money raised will go to the Susan G. Komen Memorial Affiliate in Peoria. Officials plan for the half-marathon to become an annual event.
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