Santa Greets Children on Washington Fire Truck

Santa Greets Children on Washington Fire Truck

WASHINGTON - The fire truck paraded around the streets of Washington - greeting children along the way.
WASHINGTON - You may had seen Santa riding shotgun on top of a fire truck in Washington Friday night.

It is becoming a tradition with the Washington Fire Department.

"We're going to hear the sirens," said Washington Fire Captain Mike Burhoe. "We're going to see the lights. We're going to have Santa in the bucket of this truck. "When I was a kid growing up back where I grew up, we always had a fire engine going around with Santa Claus, no matter where I lived.

Larry Giddings: "I think it is something cool for the kids" said Washington resident Larry Giddings. "We just moved out here from Las Vegas out West, and it is hard to see things like that out there. This is more of a hometown feeling."

"This is definitely more special this year," said Captain Burhoe. "There is a lot going on. I think this will keep things going and spirits high. I lost my house, actually. I have two young kids myself, and all I'm trying to do is keep the smiles on their faces this year."

"It is a festive time of year, and after we've been through the storm, we wanted them to have some hope, in which Santa brings to us," said Giddings.

"Smiles, that's all we want," said Captain Burhoe. "It is a very good way to ring in the holiday season."

This is the second year the fire department has put on the parade.

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