Search for Missing Edwards Woman Continues

Search for Missing Edwards Woman Continues

Police continue to investigate a missing woman who hasn't been seen in almost a week.
PEORIA COUNTY - The search continues for and Edwards woman who was last seen on September 28th.

“Being gone for this amount of time is different for most people, different for her," said Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy.

McCoy said the search for 23-year-old Julie Peters is ongoing. Police have questioned peter's ex-boyfriend and say they're still investigating.

"Right now we have two detectives assigned to it. We're working with people in a couple of other counties and we're just following up all the leads that we've got," McCoy said.

The young mother-of-two was last seen at the American Legion in Chillicothe. She was she was spotted leaving between 10:30 and 11:00 at night wearing a short peach-colored dress.

McCoy said they are still asking for the communities help.

"Who saw her that evening? Who saw her at the party? Anybody that was at the party that saw her? Did anyone see her leave the party with someone? Has anybody located her car?"
Meanwhile, Peter's friends and family are constantly organizing searches; planning where to look on the Facebook page, ‘Help find Julie Peters.’

McCoy said he hopes some stronger leads turn up soon.

"The longer it goes, the more serious it gets."

Police are still looking for Peters’ missing vehicle. It’s a 2006 four-door silver Chevy Impala with front-end damage, license plate P507471.
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