Second Home Invasion in North Peoria Prompts Investigative Team

Second Home Invasion in North Peoria Prompts Investigative Team

A home in Chadwick Estates was broke into early Wednesday morning. The homeowners were tied up as the suspects stole valuables and their vehicles.
PEORIA – Peoria Police are investigating an armed robbery that happened early Wednesday morning in the Chadwick Estates neighborhood in north Peoria. Three men broke into a home in the 6600 block of Greenwich Place, tied up the homeowners and then stole valuables and their vehicles.

Police Chief Steve Settingsgaard said, “By all accounts, we believe that the same crew that struck the house in Weaver Ridge, also struck the house last night in Chadwick Estates.”

Early Wednesday morning a home in the 6600 block of Greenwich Place was under attack. Police said it’s very similar to last month’s home invasion in nearby neighborhood Weaver Ridge.

Captain Mike Eddlemon said, “In both cases, rear sliding door, a rear French door was the entry.”

Eddlemon said there were no obvious signs of forced entry. Also in both cases, three suspects with the same description tied up the victims in their bedrooms.

The men then stole valuables from the homes, including televisions, iPads and jewelry, and finally, drove away in the homeowners’ vehicles.

Neighbors said they are on high alert after hearing this news. Many are taking extra precautions to insure their safety.

Lori France lives in Chadwick Estates. She said, “It’s unbelievable. I just never thought.”

France said she’s shocked and she’s scared. “You know, what neighborhood are they going to target next?”

Police share that same concern. Settingsgaard said, “I won’t be surprised that they continue to operate until they are caught.”

Law enforcement is searching for more common threads and ultimately, the reason why these invasions have happened. “If you're trying to find suspects that are unknown you're looking for why. Why are particular home in a particular subdivision, a particular home in a different subdivision why were they selected?”

Police have found both vehicles that were stolen early Wednesday.

Chief Settingsgaard said he has a message. He wants Peorians to take a look at their own home and their security measures. He’s advising people to be very aware and to report anything that may seem unusual or suspicious.

Chief Settingsgaard announced Wednesday that he is putting together a special investigative team to help solve these home invasions. He said, “It's clear to me we need an exclusive effort targeted strictly at these home invasions so I'm going to put together a team of investigators and essentially take everything off their plate that isn't these home invasions.”
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