Security Companies See Sales Spike

Security Companies See Sales Spike

Residents on edge after series of home invasions
PEORIA - Following on the heels of multiple armed robberies security companies say there has been an uptick in sales.

Cops Inc. Security Solutions sells locks, alarm systems and safes. The president of the company, Ronald Riggins said there has been an increased interest in all three kinds of products.

Calls have spiked in the past month and he said it's because recent home invasions have people on edge.

"It's really intensified the last month or so let’s put it that way. I think people are a little concerned. I don't think the economy is back where we think it should be uh and so there's some uncertainly out there but definitely what's happened the last month or two has contributed to this," Riggins said.

He said the first place people can start is with a good sturdy lock and then making sure they use it.
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