Spread The Message: Be A Buddy, Not A Bully

Spread The Message: Be A Buddy, Not A Bully

October is National Bullying Prevention Month but experts are sharing a message well beyond the last day.
PEORIA – October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Local officials said they’re spreading the message well beyond the 31st.

The Center for Prevention of Abuse is using a bullying prevention program in several area schools.

Officials said the growing culture can be stopped. This month, they are turning their focus to the bystander element.

Prevention Educator Brad Creighton said it’s important to teach students of every age that bullying isn’t just one person’s problem. “Our theme for the month has been be a buddy, not a bully and we've found when students step up and take up the issue their selves whether they've been bullied or not, it really helps to create a culture of respect in the school”

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you and your child.

If you’re being bullied:

Stay calm and tell the bully to stop in an assertive, respectful way. Then walk away from the situation. 

Do not respond in a way that is looking for revenge.  To hit back, spread a rumor, or make a disrespectful post will only make the bullying worse.

Tell a trusted adult!  If you are being bullied, it is not tattling.  Bullying is not something you can handle on your own, it is OK to ask for help.  Don’t give up if the bullying does not stop right away.

If you’re a bystander:

Do not be afraid to stand up for someone being bullied, even if it is not your friend, or someone you would normally hang out with.

If a situation is unsafe, notify an adult immediately.  If someone is getting hurt, it is not tattling to tell an adult!

Be respectful at all times – treat other people the same way that you would want to be treated.

If you’re a parent:

Work with your child.  Assure your child it is not their fault, ask how they responded, practice respectful, non-violent ways to respond to the bullying if it happens again.

Work with the School.  Stay calm and discuss what is happening to your child.  Work with the school to come up with a plan to keep your child safe. 

ALWAYS model respectful behavior.  Your children will learn from you, and follow your lead.  Make sure you are not displaying bullying behavior.
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