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Stand Off Over, Kidnapping Suspect Survives The Night-Critical Condition

Peoria Police confirm that the kidnapping suspect is out of his home and the stand off is over.
UPDATE- Kidnapping suspect Phouvone Sophanavong has survived a self inflicted gun shot wound but is in critical condition.

PEORIA - A standoff in Peoria’s near north side ends with the suspect in the hospital. At 9:25 p.m. Tuesday night, authorities rushed kidnapping and murder suspect Phouvone Sophanavong [] to a nearby hospital after nine and a half hour police standoff.
"We will process this scene. Hope that he survives. Hope that he comes out of this and we'll see," said Steve Settingsgaard, Peoria police chief.  
It is the end to a situation police thought would last even longer. A SWAT team entered Sophanavong’s home at 703 NE Monroe around 12:05 p.m., shortly after police discovered the body of the suspect’s wife, Laongdoa Phangthong, in a OSF Saint Francis Medical Center parking garage just a few miles away.  Authorities cleared the area and evacuated neighbors, like Tonita Terry.
"I opened up my side door and the police knocked on the door and said for me to - that I have to leave my home because it was a standoff. They said he was in the basement with a gun," she said,  
Inside the home, negotiators tried to convince Sophanavong to surrender. According to Settingsgaard, officers talked to him and agreed to give him cigarettes and water at his request. But ultimately, the suspect took matters into his own hands.
"He had asked for ten minutes and indicated that he was planning on coming out,” said Settingsgaard. “And then he put the gun to himself and shot himself. He had done it several times throughout the day and evening. He held a gun up to himself and threatened it. Finally he did pull the trigger."
No officers or citizens were hurt. Settingsgaard says authorities did all they could.
"Not the best of outcome. Not the worst of outcome, but we'll see. I hope he survives it," he said.  
Settingsgaard would not commit if the suspect admitted to shooting his wife.
The suspect was taken to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center where he is receiving treatment.

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