State Pulls Liquor License at Sully’s Pub for Unpaid Taxes

State Pulls Liquor License at Sully’s Pub for Unpaid Taxes

Find out how much Sully's owes.
PEORIA - There will be one less place to grab a beer this weekend in Peoria after Sully’s Pub and Café had its liquor license revoked by the State’s Liquor Commission on Friday.
Sully's owes almost $175,000 to the state (see details at the end of the story).

Since the alcohol-serving jobs are on hold, some of the employees say they were left without work.

"I was told that last week we weren't allowed to order any liquor," said Jenni LaMar, a former manager at Sully’s.

The café still had a lunch crowd and people walking in on Wednesday said the limit on alcohol won’t affect them.

"We come to Sully's for lunch from time to time and we'll plan to continue to do that," said Matt Glatz.

Inside, the beer taps are empty and staff has already started to clear out the bar. Owners say they hope to start serving alcohol again by mid-November."

"I highly doubt that," LaMar said.

She said there is no trust left after the way she was let go. LaMar said she took the first opportunity she got and is now training to be a bartender at Crusens on Farmington Road.

She said she's lucky to have a new job, but is disappointed about how she found out she lost the old one. It was when one of her servers sent her a text.

"Asking me to help her find a job. So I was confused because I had just hired her two weeks prior," she said. "So I called up to Sully’s and was informed that we no longer have a liquor license and I no longer have a job."

And LaMar wasn't the only one.

"Ninety percent of employees did dinners, were bartenders, we had eight or nine security staff on. Three night cooks and several night-time servers," she said.
LaMar said they were told everything would be ok, and to her that's the worst part.

"It’s very hurtful because there were so many memories there and so many, we were all like a family and it just hurts that we had no clue and no heads up."

In the meantime Sully's will only be open Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 2:00 for lunch. The owner said they are working to re-format the night club.

A spokesperson for the Department of Revenue and the Liquor Commission broke down the back taxes like this:

a) That the licensee had failed to pay IL Business Income Tax assessment balance of $53.26
b) That the licensee had failed to pay Sales/Use Tax & E911 Surcharge assessment balance of $164,252.09
c) That the licensee had failed to pay IL Withholding Income Tax assessment balance of $10,157.97
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