Store Owner Explains Danger of Old Appliances

Store Owner Explains Danger of Old Appliances

The owner of Appliance Recycler said older appliances are dangerous for people of all ages.

PEORIA – Police are trying to figure out if 8-year-old Marquail Johnson went into the refrigerator on his own or if someone put him there.

Sandy Wood, the owner of Appliance Recycler in Peoria, said older appliances can be hazardous to people of any age.

She said the older models are made sturdier and it can be impossible to unlock them from the inside.

She said it is even difficult to open from the outside handle because of the heavy suction. Wood said she has heard of tragic incidents like this before. “They're made to be opened from the outside. You always have to have the doors off of them if you've got them outside.”

If you have an old appliance of any kind, you can bring it to Appliance Recycler. They buy, sell, and trade appliances.

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