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Suspect Charged with Peoria Homicide (UPDATE)

Suspect Charged with Peoria Homicide (UPDATE)
A Marquette Heights man, charged Thursday with Peoria's latest homicide, claims he acted in self defense. The minute 29 year old Bryan Stewart made that statement during a bond hearing Thursday afternoon, the judge told him to not make any more comments. Stewart is charged with murdering nightclub owner Todd Scholl and setting the storage room, where Scholl's body was found, on fire. Prosecutors say Stewart claims he went to Scholl looking for a job. Stewart also claims Scholl made sexual advances toward Stewart. Stewart told police Scholl pulled a knife, there was a scuffle and Scholl ended up stabbed several times in the front and back. Police arrested Stewart after surveillance video showed Stewart and Scholl the night of the murder and a search of credit cards at one of Scholl's bars turned up Stewart's name. Stewart's bond was set at 1.5 million dollars.
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