Teams Brave Cold in Ice Bowl Tournament

Teams Brave Cold in Ice Bowl Tournament

More than 70 people played disk golf in the snow.
PEORIA - A lot of sports this time of year take place indoors for good reason, but Saturday a group of die-hard athletes braced the cold for the annual Peoria Ice Bowl Tournament.

More than 70 disc golfers couldn't wait to get out in the snow, even though makes the game a little trickier.

"When you add conditions like this, not quite sure footing or the cold weather because the plastic hardens up it doesn't fly the same as it does in the summertime," said Timothy Wright who helped organize the eleventh year of the tournament.

Players could hear the winter wind whipping past them. The chill it brought wasn’t the only problem.

 “Putts go in and around and maybe not exactly where they had planned to go,” Wright said.

Johnnie Harrison explained, it's kind of like golf because “there are multiple drivers in here and a couple more mid-ranges,” he said digging through his bag.

“It's just like having a bag of golf clubs. Bag of golf clubs, different scenarios, different shots you need different things.” Harrison said.

Although Saturday’s conditions weren’t typical of a 18 hole course.

“The big thing is you have to slow yourself down a little bit because of the pavement and the snow and everything,” Harrison said.

Wright said that’s part of the reason the tournament has survived more a decade.

“It's a part of saying hey, you were here at the ice bowl and you braved these temperatures and you did well,” he said.

Between entry fees and a raffle, organizers hoped to raise $4,000 this year. They plan to donate that money to the Peoria Area Food Bank.
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