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Tensions High After Morton Village Board Upholds Video Gambling Ban

The Village Board decides against allowing video gambling in Morton.
MORTON – Tensions are high in Morton after the board of trustees voted to keep video gambling out of the village.

As we told you Monday night, the tied vote among the six trustees was broken by Mayor Ron Rainson. He said it was not easy, but he believes keeping it out of the village is best.

More than 100 people attended the heated meeting.

Larry Stimeling, the senior vice commander for Morton’s American Legion said the ban will continue to hurt businesses.

Rainson, “The problem for me is that not only does it not fit the image of a community that strives to be the best place to raise children but the whole idea of state government involvement and regulation.”

Stimeling said, “You've got businesses here in town are at a competitive disadvantage because they cannot provide that option to their customers.”

Stimeling doesn’t believe the debate over video gambling is over. He said several of the supporters are not giving up.
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