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Think Before You Pink: Some Groups Pretending to Raise Money for Breast Cancer

Some groups are claiming they are raising money for breast cancer awareness, but instead pocketing the money.
PEORIA – October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but Susan G. Komen officials are warning the public to think before you pink.

Officials said some groups are asking for donations for Breast Cancer research, but are instead pocketing the money.

It’s called “pinkwashing.”

Spokesperson for Peoria’s Komen affiliate, Gina Morss-Fischer, said it is important to do your own research on an organization and find out if the money does in fact support the cause. There is a lot of pink floating around this month, but it doesn’t always mean it will benefit breast cancer awareness.

Morss-Fischer said, “Well I think it's important that we all remember that just because a product is pink it doesn't mean that it directly impacts breast cancer. It may raise awareness and that’s a good thing, certainly a good thing but there is no guarantees that any dollars are generated that go back to help a breast cancer cause.”

There are ways to check out charities before you give. Visit www.charitynavigator.com to find scores on charities.

You can also call the local Komen office at 309-691-6906 if you have questions.
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