Threads, Hope and Love Moves Into New Building

Threads, Hope and Love Moves Into New Building

It's taken more than a year, but it finally has a place to call home.
WASHINGTON - After months of uncertainty and almost a year in limbo, a Washington charity now has a place to call home.

‘Threads, Hope, and Love’ is an organization that provides personal items and clothes. If people have an emergency and have to leave home with nothing, volunteers try to be there to get them what they need.

It was previously in another building, but couldn't afford to keep it when the rent increased. Saturday, it finally moved into the old West Meats building just north of Washington Square.

"We've been waiting for this for years. To be rent free and won our own place, never have to worry about you know, losing our spot. We can do what we want," said founder, Cindy Shuford.

The organization says it finally has everything it needs to continue its mission. That includes helping victims from the Washington tornado.
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