Timber Brook Residents Speak Out Against Sports Complex

Timber Brook Residents Speak Out Against Sports Complex

PEORIA - When is an idea worth billions of dollars to a local economy a cause for concern?
PEORIA - When is an idea worth billions to a local economy a cause for concern?

It's every day for Peoria residents living near the proposed Louisville Slugger Complex, where they believe their investments now have less value.

The proposed complex that could go the Timber Brook subdivision would disrupt a tranquil lifestyle, and that was their message to the city on Monday night.

The concept, fields upon fields of dreams, was a novel one.

But the reality of the Louisville Slugger Complex has Steve Ashburn fired up, organizing his neighbors, and inviting all of them to a meeting at the Peoria Public Library.

"What I'm worried about is 3 pa systems that face around the complex. I'm worried about the noise of vehicles. They're going to bring a quarter million people into the complex," said Ashburn.

The complex could bring billions of dollars into the River City by boosting local businesses.

But residents aren't sure if the area can handle the influx of people.

"I don't know what the traffic studies are going to show. But that intersection at 474 is primitive at best. It won't hold that many people and as a resident of this community, it's going to be a nightmare to get around," said Perry Cale, a civil engineer and resident of the subdivision.

Cale has lived in Timberbrook subdivision since 2003 and offered an alternative space, near the library.

"I can guarantee that the softball fields will be filled no matter where they're at. The shopping malls will be filled," said Cale.

But city leaders say they looked at four other sites before determining that this subdivision was the best choice.

"This is simply a proposal, like any other development proposal. It still has to go through and hasn't even begun the public hearing process," said Ross Black, community development process.

Before this project can be considered a "done deal", it has to pass through the planning and zoning commissions and then the city council.

Council will meet on Feb. 11. And the residents i spoke to hope it's not too late for them to change the council's mind.

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