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Victims Speak Out About Weaver Ridge Home Invasion

Peoria police are investigating a home invasion in the city's Weaver Ridge subdivision.
PEORIA - Peoria police are investigating a home invasion in the city's Weaver Ridge subdivision.

"1:30 in the morning I turned over and there was a light shining in my face and a guy with a ski mask and a gun," said Doc Halliday, who had been sleeping next to his wife, Mari.

The Peoria couple was woken up in the middle of the night by strangers.

"Turn over on your stomach and don't move or else you're dead," Doc Halliday said.

The Halliday’s said that because they live in a gated community, they never expected to become prisoners in their own home.

"Tied up with our arms behind us and then they tied our feed up then they tied our feet to our arms," Doc Halliday said.

"I was just, hoping that we would get out of it alive," said his wife.

The pair was hog tied and left for three hours while the intruders looted their house.

"They took every TV, they took every kind of money any kind of jewelry," Doc Halliday said.

The thieves loaded the property into the couple’s cars and took off, leaving the Hallidays in shock, and thinking twice about the security of their home.

"I think this is a good lesson for everyone, no matter where you reside you have to definitely be more aware and not take your safety for granted,” Mari Halliday said.

Thursday night police located one of the missing cars at the Villa Bordeaux apartment complex in Peoria. They are following up with residents to see if anyone saw who was in it.

Police are asking the public for help in locating the other vehicle stolen from the home owners. It is a white Mazda SUV with the license plate TVOLS2. Anyone who sees either vehicle is asked not to approach them, but instead call Crime Stoppers at (309) 673-9000.
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