Washington Daughter-Father Combo Enjoying Coaching Together

Washington Daughter-Father Combo Enjoying Coaching Together

Maggie Mose enjoying rookie coaching season with dad on staff

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - WASHINGTON, Ill. - Her Washington Panthers have won nine of its first ten games and captured the Manual Holiday Tournament title.

Maggie Mose is enjoying her first season as coach at her alma mater.

"For the most part, it's been extremely enjoyable," said Mose. It sounds kinda odd to say it but it's fun being in charge and doing things the
way I want to do them."

One of the first things the former Washington High School and Illinois State star player did as Panthers head coach was extend an invitation to her father to join her staff. Dave Krick, a former Illinois Wesleyan player, is a full-time dentist but enjoying his first-year coaching duties with his daughter.

"We've always communicated well and basketball has always been our common denominator," said Krick. "It's what our whole life has been."

"He's loving it and I'm loving it, too," said Mose of her father. "It's been fun to go through together. he's always had such a knowledge of the game. I've always thought he had good insight into the game. Now he's sharing it with me as a coach."

Mose and her father acknowledge basketball has been a common thread in the Krick family for a long time. In fact, it can be too big of a topic of conversation.

"I feel sorry for my mom and my husband," laughed Mose. "Because if the four of us are together, it's all week talk about."

"We can digress from what you think is a nice family dinner," said Krick. "It can become a discussion of what we did poorly in practice that day."

But right now all the dinner talk is about how much fun daughter and dad are having in their first season on the Panthers' bench.


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