Washington Football Helps Community Unite

Washington Football Helps Community Unite

The Panthers took on Springfield Sacred Heart Griffin in the 5A State Semifinals - less than a week after a tornado went through town.
SPRINGFIELD - While volunteers cleaned up Washington -- a large portion of the community traveled to Springfield to cheer on the Washington Community High School's football team.

The Panthers took on Springfield Sacred Heart Griffin in the 5A State Semifinals.

A hard fought game--but Washington lost 44 to 14 - ending their season.

But this was more than a game for panther fans it's a way to unite the community.

Many were unable to drive themselves, due to losing their vehicles to the tornado.

Sacred Heart Griffin supplied six charter buses to bring Washington fans to the game.

"There were 6 buses that came done," said Marty McCaughey. "We were in the fifth one. All we had to do was jump on. Wonderful thing by Sacred Heart."

"We lost our house," added Mike Schone. "We rode the bus down. We had so many people willing to drive us. Even if you didn't have a vehicle, they were willing to drive you."

"Washington has always had a strong football following, but the support from the other communities has been great," said Curtis Marshall.

" We're here to show them that Washington is tough," added Schone. "We're going to fight hard here."

And although the Panthers season came to a close with the loss, fans lined the field, to say "Thank you" to their team.

"I've never been prouder," said Kathleen Crouch, wife to Head Coach Darrell Crouch. "These are exceptional young men who are the future leaders of Washington. Whether you lost everything or lost nothing this past week - everybody came together, and that is what's important. What really matters is who they are hoe they got here and it was together and they walked off together too!"
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