Washington Residents Still Face Danger After Tornado

Washington Residents Still Face Danger After Tornado

The city faces multiple gas leaks and downed power lines that could be live.
WASHINGTON - Even though the cleanup effort is underway, that doesn’t mean the dangers are over. 

Emergency vehicles are still hard at work in Washington. Illinois State Police report many downed power lines and gas leaks. Because of water main breaks, ISP is asking people to conserve water.

Relief efforts are underway, trying to help people who have lost their homes. Shelters are also struggling with power outages. Washington’s mayor says right now they’re just trying to settle the chaos.

"Right now if people want to help, they need to stay away. We've got so many people on site and trying to get into our city and we understand and we want your help we'll reorganize in the morning and see where we're at," said Washington Mayor, Gary Manier.

Washington Police are enforcing a six pm curfew in Washington tonight. Everyone needs to be inside their house, inside a shelter, or needs to leave town by six pm.
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