Washington to Washington: Senator Durbin Visits Aftermath

Washington to Washington: Senator Durbin Visits Aftermath

He visits the damaged neighborhoods.
WASHINGTON - While people continue to rebuild in Washington, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin came to visit from the other Washington.

Durbin took a firsthand look at the damage and said it was the worst he had ever witnessed in Illinois.

Statewide, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency says almost 1,484 homes were either seriously damaged or completely destroyed. IEMA representatives said they are trying to submit a request for federal aid to FEMA on Monday. FEMA will then make a request to the president who makes the ultimate decision.

Meanwhile Durbin, a Springfield native, mentioned Saturdays hyped up football game. His three children went to Sacred Heart-Griffin, but he said that rivalry with Washington Saturday isn't what's important.

"It's an important game tomorrow but it's just a game. What we've seen in an amazing outpouring from both schools and all the families assisting. It's an incredible demonstration of caring in both directions, whatever the score, both teams are winners," Durbin said.

And if you can't make it out to Springfield for the game you can catch it on TV. Our sister station WYZZ Fox43 will air the class 5A semifinal football game between Washington and Sacred Heart-Griffin live. The game is scheduled for a 1:00 p.m. kickoff in Springfield.
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