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Watch Out For Affordable Care Act Scammers

The Better Business Bureau says watch out for scammers trying to get personal information from the Affordable Care Act.
PEORIA - You can now sign up for insurance on the Affordable Care Act’s website, although there’s been a second day of glitches. But the Better Business Bureau says watch out for the scammers. The scam works like this. You receive a call from someone claiming to be from the federal government. The caller informs you that you’ve been selected to receive insurance cards through the new Affordable Care Act. However, before he or she can mail your card, the caller needs to collect
personal information. The Better Business Bureau says to hang up immediately. Do not press any buttons or call the scammer back. The government federal government doesn’t typically text or email. Don’t trust caller ID. The only place to sign up is http://www.healthcare.gov/.

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