Weekend Snow & Brutally Cold Temperatures

Weekend Snow & Brutally Cold Temperatures

Some areas cold see significant snow accumulation this weekend, while everyone will feel the coldest wind chills in our area in almost 20 years!
A WINTER STORM WATCH is in effect for counties along the Interstate-55 corridor for the weekend, expiring 12am Monday.  While the entire area is under the gun for accumulating snow, the thinking is that there will be significantly higher amounts in the watch area.

           Winter Storm Watch This Weekend

TIMING:  A cold front will swing into the area from the northwest by early Saturday afternoon, brining light snow from northwest to southeast.  This front will team up with a potent area of low pressure that will have a good deal of moisture with it.  Snow intensity and accumulation will begin to pick up by Saturday evening and continue into the overnight and early Sunday morning.  Heavy snow should start to taper off from west to east by early afternoon Sunday.

                Futurecast Saturday 7am

                Futurecast Saturday 2pm

                Futurecast Saturday 11pm

                Futurecast Sunday 7am

                Futurecast Sunday 3pm

                Futurecast Sunday 9pm

As mentioned previously, the entire viewing area will some accumulation.  Amounts will increase the further east you are.  

                Snow Potential This Weekend

With everyone seeing some sort of accumulation, the next problem will be blowing/drifting/white-out conditions on Sunday.  As the very strong cold front passes through the area Sunday, winds will shift to the north and northwest, with sustained winds between 10-20mph, and gusts as high as 30.  Snow should be of the drier variety, so blowing snow around will be very easy with winds that high.  Outlying areas will deal with drifting and near white-out conditions for much of the day Sunday.  Bottom line:  Travel will be difficult starting Saturday evening through Sunday evening.

         Travel Will Be Difficult This Weekend

Once the system passes, brutally cold air will surge into the eastern half of the United States.  We are expecting the coldest wind chills we have seen since the mid 90's, so nearly 20 years.  Monday morning and Tuesday morning wind chills will fall to as low as -30 to -40.  With temperatures that cold, frostbite can occur in as little as 10-15 minutes.  As far as actual air temperatures are concerned, we will likely deal with a period starting Sunday night through Tuesday morning of temperatures staying below 0.  Monday's forecasted high of -8 would be the coldest high we have seen in nearly 5 years.   Again, if you have to be outside, please dress in multiple layers.   With temperatures this cold, best advise is to stay indoors if you don't have to be outside.  

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