Farmer's Marker: Family Fun!

Published 08/13 2014 05:00AM

Updated 09/16 2014 05:19AM

I was lucky to get a few weeks away and to travel this summer and came back with a renewed energy to cook even healthier meals.  If I could, I would plant a garden with a lot more than my few "scraggly" tomato plants, but Texas weather along with my less than green thumb seem to limit me. One of my new passions is going to one of my local farmer's markets to buy local and fresh produce.  

What I have discovered is that the Farmer's Market is a fun family excursion, it is free and what a great learning experience. Along the way you also get to buy fresh produce and commit to some healthier eating habits. Win, win, win!

During routine check ups I love to ask kids about their eating habits.  I usually ask "what is your favorite vegetable?"  I laugh at some of the responses, but I am impressed that some children really do love broccoli and spinach and I am convinced it is due to early exposure.  I also ask about favorite fruits and I also like to ask what they have for a favorite dinner and who cooks it.....a subtle way of getting some good information on family meals.

A trip to the market is a great teaching experience too - as children can learn what an eggplant looks like, or that there are so many different kinds of lettuce. Seeing the veggie in "real time" rather than on an I-pad is also important.  Who knew that there are round and long squash and that some looks like spaghetti on the inside?

So as you start back to school and hopefully cooler temperatures in the next month, let's all try to be healthier.  More fruits, veggies and lots of color on the plate.....I may just try to plant a cucumber, I hear they are easy to grow?  I'll keep you posted :)

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