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Trouble-Free Heating and Cooling is a locally owned and operated company committed to bringing the best possible service and products to our customers.

Trouble-Free is one of the only HVAC/Plumbing Companies in the area to reinvest thousands of dollars annually to make sure our technicians are completely trained and updated in the latest state of the art methods of installing and servicing heating, cooling and plumbing equipment.

What this means to the consumer is that anytime you call Trouble-Free you can be assured that a comprehensively trained technician will be servicing your HVAC equipment, thereby reducing the need for future call backs and at the same time helping reduce your utility costs, which will save you money.

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, Trouble-Free Heating and Cooling is the right choice for all your heating or cooling needs.

TroubleFree Carbon Monoxide Information

Warning! Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Not Enough!

By time your Carbon Monoxide detector goes off it's TOO LATE!
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TroubleFree Heating & Cooling

Troublefree features Trane, Lennox, Rheem and Amana? products.
With trained technicians and knowledgeable staff, we are dedicated to make a difference in Central Illinois.

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, TroubleFree Heating and Cooling is the right choice for all your heating or cooling needs.

TroubleFree's HVAC iHouse

Take a tour through the Troublefree iHouse
Click the house above and take tour through our virtual house. While there you will learn more about how your furnace, air conditioner and duct work all work together to make your home more comfortable. Get informed about the individual components that make up your heating and cooling system.

Who Needs a Home Energy Assessment?

New home owners and older homes both are in need of an Energy Assessment.

New homes owners can find out if the contractor installed the insulation correctly, see if your boiler system is efficient and fine tune everything to distribute heat evenly.

Older homes can see if you have insulation and the best solution for your energy problems.

therm_imaging.jpg  Thermal Imaging Test

blower_door.jpg  Blower Door Test


Troublefree Plumbing

Trouble Free Plumbing knows the dynamics of plumbing and is dedicated to providing our customers with quality service at competitive prices. We will service all of your plumbing needs with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with an installation or service repair job that we did we will come back and do the work again for FREE!

We offer a wide range of plumbing services to meet your every need large or small. We are ready to assist you with any emergency or project. Our seasoned technicians come ready to handle most problems on the spot saving you time and money.

We deal with industrial and residential customers. Our list of products and services include:

Repairing all leaks (Water or Gas)
Gas Piping Installed and Repaired
Water Piping Installed and Repaired
Sump Pumps Installed and Serviced
Water Heaters Repaired and Replaced
Underground Water And Drain Piping Installed And Repaired
Anti-Scald Tub And Shower Faucets
Install New Toilets, Sinks, Faucets & Fixtures Of All Kinds
Complete Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry & Utility Room Installations And Upgrades
Video Inspection Of Sewer Lines
Correcting All Plumbing Violations
Install Water Softeners
Install Ice Maker Lines
Touble-1.jpg What should I do in a plumbing emergency like dripping water from the ceiling? Answer

Trouble-2.jpg What do SEER and AFUE mean? Answer

Trouble-3.jpg Have any questions? Answer

Trouble-4.jpg Should I be concerned about carbon monoxide? Answer

Trouble-5.jpg My furnace and air conditioning is "NEW". Do they really need to be cleaned? Answer

duct_diagram.jpg What are the benefits of cleaning my ducts? ?Answer

Trouble Tips

GoGreen Energy Assessment - Click on GoGreen for more information on how to save money!