Flower arrangements may send hidden messages to the one you love

Floral society lists meanings based on color and flower.

EAST PEORIA - Flowers can make a lovely gift to show someone you care, but the type you buy may communicate a different message.

"This is your beautiful spring bouquet. This is something that's going to be something in the spring. Vibrant colors. Beautiful assortment of different flowers," said Victor Becks, co-owner of Beck's Florist. 

Becks has worked in the floral business his entire life, and watching people receive a fresh bouquet never gets old.  

"I like to call it the 'wow' factor because when an individual receives flowers from us it is always 'wow,' especially when it is a complete surprise," he said.  

But did you know beyond the "wow" -- some flowers have certain meanings?

That's right, according to the Society of American Florists, those beautiful arrangements send different messages based on variables like color.  Take the coveted rose for example.

"The yellow rose. This is the one that means friendship. Red roses are love and romance. Yellow are considered friendship. White are considered purity," explained Becks. 

Though pretty, someone sending a set of yellow roses could mean they're not ready to move beyong friendship.  Not all flowers are linked to feelings about people.

"If you're going on vacation send a beautiful exotic arrangement," said Becks. "If it's just because you can always send something in a beautiful bright colorful spring flowers." 

Flowers can represent anything from appreciation to innocence, like the daisy. 

The rules come from Victorian times. Back then, floral selection was fewer, and people  depending on symbolism for meaning. In modern day, these issues are no longer the case, so the rules are not as big of a deal. Either way, a gift of flowers almost always shares the message of care.

"It might be a birthday. It might be an anniversary. It might be just because. It might be get well and in some case it might be a sympathy situation. But flowers are so warming," said Becks.


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