This week Chris, Molly, and Adam talked about Severe Weather prep as forecasters and Severe Weather Climatology in the U.S.

Molly talks about how she gets ready for a severe weather day by what she brings to work. Chris talks about how communicating leading up to and during the event is key. Having a team plan is important for how we get ready for severe storms. Designating who stays in studio and who goes out for shots is another way we prepare. Your Local Weather Authority also brought up how they prepared for events in the past few years as a team.

Severe Weather Season hasn’t peaked yet in Central Illinois by the time of recording this episode, but the team talked about where severe weather pops up in early March, April, and even into the late summer. The team also talked about Illinois statistics with tornadoes and when we’ve had some out of season outbreaks.

Here are some links to learn more about Severe Weather Climatology in Central Illinois or across the U.S.

Tornado Trends in Illinois

Tornado Maps for Illinois

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