A common fear many people have about aging is declining health, whether it be physical or mental.

Memory changes and dementia may look very similar from the outside. But if you think a loved one needs medical care, take a look at the differences outlined here: https://www.aplaceformom.com/planning-and-advice/articles/alzheimers-warning-signs.

Someone with age-related memory changes may forget part of an experience, while someone with dementia forgets the entire experience.

Often, the person with memory loss will remember later, while the person developing dementia won’t. Someone with dementia will gradually lose the ability to follow written or spoken directions. 

Someone dealing with memory loss can use notes as reminders – whereas a person with dementia can’t.

A dementia patient will eventually no longer be able to care for him or herself.

Anyone who thinks a loved one may be dealing with dementia – it’s important to reach out for medical help.