Have you ever received a medical bill you weren’t expecting?
According to the health care cost institute, one in seven people has.

Medical care is of course a necessity and sometimes an expensive one. But the American Hospital Association has some ways you can avoid surprise charges. Before an emergency happens make a list of your nearby emergency departments and find out which are in your insurance network. You should also find out whether emergency medical transportation is part of your coverage. If you need to call an ambulance; ask them to take you to one of the hospitals on your list.

For “planned” medical visits and procedures, give yourself plenty of time in advance to make you know what your insurance will cover. If you think you’re billed incorrectly, ask for help. That can include reaching out to your insurer and-or medical provider.

Finally, keep a record of everything. That can protect you in case someone makes a mistake. Some things to keep in mind when planning your medical care.