PEORIA, Ill. — The need for medical care can come up unexpectedly – and is more common as we age.

USA Today has a list of the top medical expenses you should consider when planning for yourself or an aging loved one.

The first is dental care. Maintaining healthy gums and teeth comes at a cost – but isn’t covered by medicare.

The second is hearing aids and devices. The cost of a digital hearing aid could cost you anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000.

Coverage of long-term care can be slim; Medicare only covers certain types of long-term care.

Finally, vision care could cost you. Annual screenings and glasses are not covered by Medicare and those costs can add up quickly.

There are some ways you can prepare for or prevent these large bills. You can sign up for medicare advantage or purchase other private insurance. Be aware of the tax deductions available for medical expenses. Your accountant should be able to talk you through how to take advantage of those deductions.

Finally, talk to your financial advisor about your retirement strategy. Make sure you have enough savings to cover common unexpected health expenses.