PEORIA, Ill (WMBD)–On Monday, Bradley University leaders addressed how they are helping students who are studying abroad as the coronavirus spreads.

The university is primarily concerned with its three programs in Rome, Venice, and Milan as the virus plagues Italy.

One program in Italy has already been canceled and the university is now recommending that students in the other two programs come back to the United States. Due to this, Vice President of Student Affairs, Nathan Thomas and the school are already looking ahead to spring break.

“We have a host of resources that will be available to us, knowing that our student population becomes transient in a couple of weeks and so we’ll utilize those resources to our fullest as we move in and out of spring break as well,” Thomas said.

Thomas also says the school is monitoring the situation very closely.

“This is very much an evolving situation across the country, across the globe and so we’re paying very, very close attention to CDC recommendations, travel advisories all those things that may be in place,” Thomas said.

Bradley University has set up a website to keep students and faculty up to date on the COVID-19 virus. It’s