Rebuild Illinois to bring billions for road repairs

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PEORIA, Ill — Rebuild Illinois will pump billions of federal dollars into road repairs and infrastructure fixes.

The IDOT multi year plan will improve your driving experience across the area. Engineers in the area with are excited for the extra funding.
The Rebuild Illinois IDOT multi year plan will take almost 24-billion dollars and five years to fix infrastructure across the state.

In Peoria County, the Maxwell Road bridge near Fauber Road is a crucial item on the agenda. This road takes about a couple thousand cars a day, and so currently this has some structural issues with it.

County engineeer Amy McLaren says it’s a headache for big loads to get across the bridge.

“We talk to them, we get the information on the axles, the axle spacing and the loads on the bridges, so we can see what it’s gonna do the bridge from a carrying capacity perspective,” said Amy McLaren.

In Tazewell County, engineer Craig Fink says there’s not just one particular project that needs attention, but says the funding will bring back much needed money for maintenance.

“You’ll see definite improvement, it doesn’t mean you’ll never hit a pothole again, but we should be in much better shape, much better shape than we were. I mean, this was a huge lift,” said Craig Fink, Tazewell County engineer.

Fink wants you to be mindful of all the workers you’ll soon see on the roads.

“We had maintenance crews that used to be busy year round or the entire construction season here in Tazewell county, and they had gotten to a point where they were only busy about three weeks on our roads. So, this will be significant, so, we’ll see them out there just about 68 percent more than they were before,” said Fink.

Lushawn Ivy is new driver and is already tired of hitting pot holes.

“All the bumps in the roads and pot holes that be leaving people’s tires and stuff, that just destroys their car. So, yeah, that will definitely help,” said Ivy.

Across the state, five billion dollars will go toward bridges and almost eight billion for roads.

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