Wal-Mart expands grocery delivery services to Peoria

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PEORIA, Ill. — Walmart is making grocery shopping more convenient for those in the Peoria area.

The super store just expanded it’s grocery delivery service to reach those in Peoria and outlying areas.

Shoppers, such as Amy Becker, are saying this service is especially for those who have children.

“Right now it’d be amazing because I have two little boys and taking them into the store is very difficult,” said Becker. “Especially with a car seat and a new born.”

The store launched it’s grocery delivery services in the area Wednesday and Kevin McDonnough, grocery co-manager, said it’s getting

“Just started delivery on Wednesday morning. Had a good start that day,” said McDonnough. “I believe we had nine orders. It’s just the next phase in our eCommerce business.”

A business that McDonnough said has been growing steadily over the last three years because it’s so convenient to certain customers.

“We do see those moms who are using the app for time management, or we’ll see elderly customers that only want to make a quick stop at the store,” McDonnough said.

Amy Becker also mentioned one of the main attractions about this service is it helps keep money in shoppers’ pockets.

“I also like the fact that you kind of can see your total so if you’re sticking to a budget you can see what you’re spending, versus when you’re in the store it’s so easy to impulse buy and just grab this and that,” said Becker.

The service to get unlimited grocery delivery on the Walmart app costs a monthly fee of $12.98 or a yearly fee of $98.00.

So far both sides, employees and shoppers, say its a fair deal.

“I’ve had other mothers recommend it to me and now I’m passing it on,” said Becker.

McDonnough insisted that Walmart will continue progress for the future.

“We’ll continue to change and evolve so that we’ll take care of our customers the best way possible.” said McDonnough.

Walmart says at this stage delivery eligibility is determined by where you choose to have your groceries delivered.

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