Zach’s Weather Whys: What is wind chill?

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS — Hey everybody, Meteorologist Zach Hatcher here, with your new edition of Zach’s Weather Whys.

This week I’m talking about wind chill. Why does it feel so cold on your skin whenever the wind is howling and it’s already cold outside? I have a trusty tool here, my anemometer. It measures how fast the wind is blowing, and you can use the wind speed and the temperature to determine wind chill.

Here’s that equation, in case you were wondering. You plug in the T for temperature, and that’s given in Fahrenheit, the v is wind speed in miles per hour. It’s a tough equation, but if you plug in both variables, you can solve this.

Very cold wind chills increase your risk of getting hypothermia and frostbite. It happens when the wind passes over your skin and leads to a loss of heat. The stronger the wind is, the more heat will be lost from your body and the colder it will feel.

There’s not much of a wind chill whenever the wind is very light.

So, just let that be a lesson for you, when the wind is howling and the temperatures are frigid, be sure to cover your hands, feet, and face.

That does it for me and this week’s edition of Zach’s Weather Whys.

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