Change in diet could change your quality of life this Spring

Active Life With Bob Larson

Central Illinois weather is changing, and your diet could be, too. Spring opens you up to a whole new selection of foods.

According to the AARP, peas are packed with vitamins. They’re especially loaded with Vitamin K1, which maintains bone health and wards off osteoporosis. 

Strawberries are full of antioxidants that can help with high blood pressure. They’re very versatile and can be used in salads, smoothies, and desserts. 

Asparagus can be good for the mind. The folate in the vegetable can help fight cognitive decline. 

And of course, it’s allergy season. The anti-congestive properties in radishes can help relieve some of your seasonal pain. 

It’s a good reason to get out to your garden or local farmers market to load up on some of these Spring superfoods. For more of them, click here.

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