The battle of the bulge seems to become more difficult as we age.

But the AARP has some tips for losing weight after you hit the big 5-0.

First, you should pile on the protein. Experts recommend 30-40% of your daily calories come from some sort of protein.

Next, join the resistance. You can burn fat and build muscle by lifting weights, working with resistance bands, or swimming in a pool. You can make a difference even if you do these things just twice a week.

Also, make sure you’re getting enough shut eye and keep your sleep schedule consistent.

And finally, practice mindful eating. Pay attention to how hungry or full you feel and zero in on how your food really tastes. 

One of the most important things to do is eat as a singular activity. Don’t watch TV or read the paper while having a meal. 

Some things to keep in mind while achieving your weight loss goals.