Prosecutors claim Zimmerman committed murder out of greed, hate

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Opening statements concluded Monday morning in the case against Bloomington man Kirk Zimmerman, who is charged with killing his ex-wife Pam Zimmerman.

Prosecutors claims Zimmerman committed the murder out of greed and hate — stating the clear motive for him killing her stemmed from a delinquent child support payment amount of $3,900. They went on to say they have more than 60 witnesses that will back up those claims and will provide forensic evidence that will easily show Kirk committed the murder.

Pam died of multiple gunshot wounds at her office on Bloomington’s east side in November 2014. 

The defense rebuked the claims made by the prosecution and painted a picture of Kirk as the family man, saying all three of his kids will be testifying in favor of Kirk to show how much of a loving person he was.

The defense also said there is no way Kirk would kill his former wife and the mother of his children over an amount as small as $3,900 because he had a well paying state farm job, no credit card debt and had savings totaling more than $30,000.

Prosecutors discussed several details about what happened the morning after the murder, specifically around the time when Pam was found. 

She was engaged to Scott Baldwin, who had called and texted her many times the night of her death. The next morning, he called her neighbor and best friend Julie Koh to ask if she knew anything. 

Koh said she and Ina Hess, the victim’s secretary, went to Pam’s office where she found her body on the floor and they alled the police. 

In addition to opening statements made, Koh was the first witness called during the trial. The first responders who arrived at the scene were also present. 

Officer Erik Yamada said when he arrived he noticed Pam’s body was slumped over next to a pool of blood. Firefighter Aaron Erhardt said after taking a closer look he determined Pam was deceased, but he saw no signs of forced entry into the office. 

Former detective John Atteberry said when he told  Zimmerman his ex-wife died, Zimmerman was breathing frantically and immediately asked what happened. He then allegedly asked if his kids knew and if they were okay.

Zimmerman’s trial is expected to last four to six weeks.

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