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Alpine has a more hardcore version of its A110 sports car in the works.

The French performance marque this week released a teaser video of the car which will be called the A110 R. A debut is expected on Oct. 3.

The A110 made its debut at the 2017 Geneva auto show, and in 2020 the lineup was expanded with an A110 S which brought a boost in power and more aggressive chassis tuning. The A110 R will be a more extreme proposition.

There will be a number of weight-saving modifications to help lower the curb weight by approximately 75 lb compared to the A110 S. The list of mods will include several carbon-fiber replacement parts, including potentially for the rear windshield frame.

There will also be aerodynamic upgrades, including a vented hood, rear wing with swan-neck struts, and underbody elements. Lightweight wheels and a pared-back interior with sport bucket seats will also make the cut.

The A110 is powered by a mid-mounted 1.8-liter turbo-4 which in the A110 S delivers 296 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. It’s possible the A110 R will benefit from a power boost as the car is confirmed with a top speed of 177 mph, versus 170 mph for the A110 S.

The A110 lineup is Alpine’s sole product at present but the company has teased a trio of vehicles that will kick off an electric transformation, including an electric replacement for the A110 being developed in partnership with Lotus.

The first of these future EVs will arrive in 2024. However, we’ll get a taste of what’s to come on Oct. 17 at the 2022 Paris auto show where Alpine will present a concept described as the embodiment of its future product strategy and a new stage in its transformation into an EV company.

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