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Toyota on Wednesday unveiled the bZ Compact SUV concept, a fully electric compact crossover that looks like it might be the replacement for the C-HR, or at least an electric alternative.

Toyota stopped short of confirming the concept for production, stating only that the vehicle shows a possible vision of the very near future. However, the concept was among the dozen EV designs shown by Toyota in late 2021 as a preview of its upcoming electric vehicles.

The “bZ” in the name points to the concept previewing a future member of Toyota’s bZ (beyond zero) family of EVs. The first was the 2023 bZ4X, a slightly bigger compact crossover about the size of a Toyota Corolla. A bZ3 compact sedan has also been revealed for the Chinese market.

A production version of the bZ Compact SUV concept will likely be called something along the lines of bZ3X. Toyota on Wednesday said it plans five bZ models, down from a previous plan for seven.

The exterior of the concept features an aerodynamic shape that makes the vehicle appear sleek and sporty, while also helping improve efficiency. A key element is a narrowed-down cabin that helps reduce drag.

Toyota bZ Compact SUV ConceptToyota bZ Compact SUV Concept

Inside is a clean, uncluttered design that’s meant to signify the simplicity of electric powertrains. The dash is fitted with only a pair of screens plus a thin strip integrating vents for the climate control, while the steering wheel has taken on the yoke design that Toyota’s bZ4X offers in the Chinese market. Tesla’s Model S also features a yoke.

A voice assistant called Yui provides feedback with various audio and visual cues, and can also be used to control vehicle functions.

The bZ Compact SUV concept is on display at this week’s 2022 Los Angeles auto show, where Toyota also has a redesigned 2023 Prius.

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