88th District challenger Ken Allison talks transparency, military service

Central Illinois Newsday

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Libertarian veteran Ken Allison advocates for his campaign to represent the voters within the state’s 88th District. He hopes to be elected to the Illinois House of Representatives, replacing Republican incumbent Keith Sommer.

Allison said Monday, “I think the biggest thing that I’ve noticed in the last seven, eight months, is really just the utter lack of transparency. I think most of us just want to know how we’re able to lead our lives. How are we able to protect our families? How are we able to keep our businesses open? How are we able to get our kids back in school? Ultimately it comes down to be being able to trust the people that we elect, and I feel like transparency is massively vacant.”

The full interview is shown above.

On the ballot, Allison is up against incumbent Keith Sommer and democratic challenger Karla Bailey – Smith.

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