Peoria County Administrator breaks down the outcome of Heddington Oaks property ballot question

Central Illinois Newsday

PEORIA COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — Ballots are being cast with voters answering yes or no to referendum questions. One of those on the 2020 general election ballot for Peoria County is centered around the future of the Heddington Oaks property, a nursing home, which recently permanently closed its doors.

The exact wording of the ballot question is as follows: “Peoria County has ended its operation of Heddington Oaks, the county-owned skilled nursing facility. Shall the County of Peoria be permitted to sell or dispose of the land and buildings known as Heddington Oaks?”

Giving insight to the question and what ‘yes’ or ‘no’ means is Peoria County Administrator Scott Sorrel.

“It’s a purpose based facility for skilled nursing care or what we call a nursing home or assisted-living,” said Sorrel. “Those are businesses that Peoria County government is no longer in. We showed that we didn’t need to be in that business based on the fact of how quickly all the residents safely relocated voluntarily to other nursing home facilities in our community and the region when we announced the closure earlier this spring.”

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