PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. (WMBD) — We’re on the move as part of our Central Illinois Summer Road Trip. This week, we’re visiting Peoria Heights, the home of the “World’s Most Beautiful Drive”.

“It’s beautiful with all the vistas and the people that travel up here during the day, it’s just fantastic living up here,” said Drew Parker, Grandview Drive resident.

Constructed in 1903, Peoria Heights Mayor Michael Phelan said Grandview Drive has been viewed with high regard for decades.

“The decision-makers in those days protected the view for the public, on the riverside of Grandview Drive there aren’t any buildings,” Phelan said.

The spectacular views of the Illinois River led President Teddy Roosevelt to give the road its famous branding the “World’s Most Beautiful Drive” in 1910.

“It’s certainly up there, I mean you can’t dispute that and I would agree with President Roosevelt,” Phelan said.

Currently, Grandview Drive is maintained by the Peoria Park District, but even residents of the area like to pitch in.

“I help the Park District. I chainsaw all the brush off the slopes, off the vistas,” Parker said.

The just over 2.5-mile drive has also become a way to attract visitors to Peoria Heights.

“I’m always amazed at meeting people from all over the world actually,” Phelan said. “They might be passing through on 74 or on a highway in the area, and they get off and they want to see Grandview Drive,” he added.

Phelan also said Grandview Drive also has value as an educational tool.

“The forest part has been preserved as well, and you could learn a lot about nature and the river just walking that area,” Phelan said.

Grandview Drive is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.