PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — The 106-year old Tazewell County Courthouse is considering by many to be the gem of downtown Pekin.

The three-floor marble classical style courthouse was built in 1916. It’s the fourth courthouse in the county’s history.

“For the community, it’s a center of pride, a center of focus for the downtown district. This is what everything radiates off of in Pekin and for good reason. You just don’t see gorgeous historic buildings like this anymore,” said Tazewell County Clerk John Ackerman.

Ackerman said the courthouse has many period details that are not seen in today’s architecture.

“All the stone incorporated into the walls, into the rails. Stained glass windows in the middle. It’s a wonderful gem to work in,” said Ackerman.

Lori Shelton, court administrator of Tazewell County Courthouse, said it’s much more than a courthouse.

“This courthouse is the people’s courthouse… I hope it continues to be taken care of and preserved so that generations can continue to come into this building and realize the history that is involved in it,” she said.

Outgoing Tazewell County State’s Attorney Stewart Umholtz said the courthouse is solid, but needs some upgrades.

“I’ve seen a lot of challenges in this building as this building adapts to modernization…I’ve been harping for at least the last 25 years trying to get a little love shown to this building. It needs new windows, it needs a ventilation system. We can do better,” he said.

Despite the problems, Umholtz said the courthouse carries plenty of pride for the local legal profession.

“This building just feels like a courthouse, looks like a courthouse. It really makes an impression on you. When you walk into a courtroom you know this is an important place,” he said.